G-4 Wash-Beam

Micro-Fresnel LED wash-beam light

The G-4 Wash-Beam provides the lighting designer with a wide range of flexibility due to its retro Fresnel look and its highly contrasted radiant beam with adjustable zoom.

An interchangeable front lens kit allows for a quick transformation of the G-4 Wash-Beam into a G-4 Wash, thus expanding the flexibility of the luminaire even further.

As the rest of the G-4 series, the G-4 Wash-Beam is a lightweight and compact high-power IP65-rated LED moving head. The Micro-Fresnel lens ensures a narrow zoom with harder edges on the beam – creating effects similar to those of a Plano-Convex (PC) lens, eliminating the light scatter, without compromising the high contrast ratio.  

Unlike most conventional wash lights, the G-4 Wash-Beam comprises red, green, blue, amber and mint LEDs that mix directly in the light source, providing a superb color mixing at a very low power consumption. Additionally, it has a dichroic enhancer to create a deep blue (Congo blue) that delivers a very saturated blacklight effect.

With a TLCI of 92 and a CRI of more than 90 (typically 93), the G-4 Wash-Beam delivers the most amazing color rendering of any wash-beam light on the market today. The G-4 Wash-Beam is not only powerful in colors, but is also equally impressive in white.

Equipped with a Micro-Fresnel lens, the optical system is designed to deliver not only a staggering output for a fixture with such a small footprint but also a perfect color mix with a completely even field without any hotspot. With such crisp optics combined with a narrow long-throw beam, the G-4 Wash-Beam creates dazzling mid-air effects and sharp beams of light.

Its stepless zoom range of 4.8°-34° enables designers to project tight beams and powerful washes in smooth zoom transitions. Because of its unlimited color options and unique high color rendering capabilities, the G-4 Wash Beam is highly suitable for multiple applications such as theaters, concerts, cruise ships, exhibitions or any other application where high output, stunning colors and intense mid-air beam effects are desired.  

The durable, IP65-rated exterior of G-4 Wash-Beam and the built-in dehumidifier ensure that the fixture is kept free of externally induced impact on internal optics and light source unit, such as smoke fluid, dust and dirt. Thus, the G-4 Wash Beam is ideal for outdoor applications and at the same time it is practically maintenance-free making it a sustainable and long lasting choice for indoor installations as well.

The G-4 Wash-Beam is a DMX-controlled fixture with RDM protocol implemented for remote configuration, wireless control and monitoring. Built on a foundation of thoroughly tested technology, the G-4 Wash Beam is a robust and highly reliable fixture. 

G-4 Wash-Beam characteristics:

  • High-power light source consisting of red, green, blue, amber and mint LEDs
  • Superb color mixing
  • Congo blue feature
  • Crisp narrow beam down to 4.8°
  • TLCI of 92
  • CRI > 90 (typically 93)
  • High-speed tilt and continuous pan
  • Fully color-calibrated
  • Smooth superb, stepless dimming
  • Extremely low noise
  • Low power consumption
  • Wireless control and configuration via RDM
  • 10 kg (22 lbs.)
  • Small and compact 
  • IP65-rated
  • Dehumidification 
  • Practically maintenance-free

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IP65 RoHS CE Eco Friendly CETL Pending

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